WTF Tricia Cotham????

Sandra Wade
3 min readMay 18
Pro-choice legislator turns anti-choice in the blink of an eye, News at 11

…and is this a new form of GOP election theft?

Healthcare is about to get very bad for the women of North Carolina. 500 businesses spoke out against Republicans’ abortion ban there, that Democratic governor Roy Moore vetoed. Thousands protested. Still, the Republican “supermajority” overrode the veto.

Expect lots of women and young girls to die. Expect women to be unable to get the proper care they need for healthy pregnancies. Expect maternal mortality to rise. Expect women and doctors to leave the state.

I’m predicting these outcomes because they’re already happening in the states that have outlawed abortion since the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade.

And women in North Carolina basically have one person to thank for all of this. Newly re-elected, longtime Democrat “pro-choice” rep Tricia Cotham. After her 2022 re-election, she very quickly switched parties, giving Republicans their supermajority and stunning and angering her constituents. Her reason — that Democrats didn’t CLAP hard enough for her — was not only a lie, it came across as very egotistical, as well as disingenous and really disrespectful to the voters who re-elected her.

Speculation is rife as to what’s really going on with her. After all, she’d always expressed support for pro-choice protections for women’s reproductive health. It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that she was paid off.

Especially since abortion isn’t the only issue she did a complete 180 on. She’s also now supporting the plot to divert funding for public schools into yet another red state voucher scam.

Like a lot of southern red states, North Carolina is gerrymandered a.f. and of course, rife with voter suppression of people of color. Now it seems part of the GOP playbook is coercing Democrats to switch parties.

It seems like there should be a law, or at least an internal rule prohibiting politicians who were elected running for one party switching to the other after the election.

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