The Wealthy Super-Villains Funding Trump: The Adelsons

Sandra Wade
5 min readJun 11, 2024
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I really want to create a series of “baseball cards” profiling the downright villainous billionaires who are paying to put Trump back in the White House. Sadly, they are legion.

They don’t care about Jan 6th. They don’t care about our democracy. In fact, many of them would happily see the U.S. become a fascist state, because, as former Labor Secretary under Clinton Robert Reich has pointed out: democracy is a threat to the oligarchy.

Reich names names:

Trump is going full fascist these days and gaining the backing of prominent billionaires. While Trump’s base is making small contributions, the big money is coming from some of the richest people in the U.S.

Multiple billionaires have donated to the Trump-aligned Make America Great Again, Inc. super PAC:

Phil Ruffin (net worth of $3.4 billion), the 88-year-old casino and hotel mogul, has given multiple $1 million donations.

Charles Kushner (family net worth of $1.8 billion), the real estate mogul and father of…



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