The Trump Campaign Fraud No One Is Talking About

Sandra Wade
6 min readApr 14
Documentary on Hulu about the infamous “pool boy” scandal

Who remembers the Jerry Falwell, Jr. “pool boy” scandal? I know. It was at least three years ago, which is an eternity during which right-wing scandals and crimes have flown fast and furiously. It can be hard to keep up.

To remind everyone: the former rector of Liberty University and son of the controversial televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr. was busted paying off a Miami hotel pool attendant, Giancarlo Granda, to keep the fact that Granda would regularly screw his wife while he got to watch and masturbate quiet. Turns out Junior had a bit of a cuck fetish.

For those unfamiliar w the term ‘cuck fetish’

If you want some of the dirty, filthy details of Granda’s first encounter with Falwell and his wife, read here. Fair warning — it may create very unpleasant images in your head, and that shit doesn’t wash off.

Falwell basically bribed Granda to keep the affair quiet, but things got complicated when his 40ish cougar wife fell in love with the young man, and Granda got grossed out over Falwell endorsing Donald Trump. (Granda has Hispanic lineage and was disgusted over Trump’s “bad hombre” campaign rhetoric in 2015.)

I like to watch Australia’s version of 60 Minutes because they cover complicated topics pretty thoroughly in half-hour blocks. Recently, I found their show about Falwell, his wife, and the “pool boy.” None of the revelations came as a surprise — until they got to part about Trump.

Falwell is described in the beginning as a “kingmaker who helped Donald Trump win the presidency.”

I remember back in 2016 many people registering utter shock that the son of a…

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