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Porch kitty life

I currently have 3, sometimes 4, cats living on my porch. They’re spayed and neutered. They’re vaccinated. I feed them. I keep an eye on their health, and take them to the vet if they need it.

They’re basically my pets; I just can’t bring them in because a) I have 3 indoor only cats already. I’m not trying to become a cat hoarder, and b) I simply don’t have the square footage for 6 or 7 cats. Cats are very territorial creatures, so you need plenty of space for them to get away from each other. I’m mindful of their psychological wellbeing as well as their physical one.

I’ve probably cared for and adopted out about 30 or so friendly strays in my area in the last 4–5 years. In Philadelphia, we have a serious problem with homeless cats. Approximately 400k cats roam our streets. Many of them are in very bad shape. This is all because of human negligence, apathy, and ignorance. You can’t blame the cats for their plight.

I know that my “crazy” cat lady status probably annoys a good number of my neighbors, but here’s the deal. I’m not happy to be taking care of other people’s abandoned cats, or cats born outside because people can’t be bothered to neuter their pets. Feeding 7 cats is costing me a fortune, and I wasn’t rich to begin with.

TnR…buying food…shlepping cats to the vet…finding rescues or adopters for friendly strays…it’s a time-consuming, expensive, thankless task. Although, I do get rewarded when this little orange nugget jumps up on my window and “nuzzles” me through the glass affectionately.

Creamy Dreamy

Watching my porch kitties groom each other, and rub up against each other in excitement when I feed them is its own reward.

Here’s my message to people who have a problem with us cat rescuers/feeders:

Stop blaming me. I’m not the problem here. I’m trying to be one of the solutions.

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Actor, Fillmmaker, writer and sexy cat lady

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