Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Clinton campaign sign hung by our local Postal Workers Union, back in 2016. The good ole’ days

Back in 2016, I was extremely alarmed to watch Trump winning the Republican presidential primaries. I’m old enough and have followed his public persona for enough time to see who he truly is. A whole new generation became aware of how he treated the “Central Park Five”, thanks to Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us”, but those of us older than 30 actually remember Trump’s flagrant display of sociopathic racism at the time. Trump was also obviously a charlatan who bilked the system and didn’t pay his bills, but put forth this glittery golden image of one of the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” set.

In the 80s, those types were held up on a pedestal and enjoyed hyper-focus by the media. “Celebrity Apprentice” solidified the false image of Trump as a “successful businessman”, and I believe his supporters swallowed it so deeply, that it’s impossible for them to reconcile the image in their head with the ugly, brutal reality of his sociopathic narcissism. While it may have been billed as a “reality show”, there was nothing REAL about Trump posing as a successful businessman.

This should say “ruin” instead of “run”

Despite three years of this trainwreck administration dismantling any regulation that protects Trump supporters’ health insurance, water, air or bank accounts, and passing tariffs that imperil their jobs, they continue to stick by him. They continue to tell his critics, “if you don’t like it here, LEAVE.” They continue to wear the false mantle of patriotism. They continue to threaten anyone who criticizes their “dear leader.”

A frighteningly high number of Trump-loving incels have either committed mass shootings, hoping to kill immigrants or “libtards”, or have planned acts of violence against the left, since Trump took office. Just like Charles Manson, who didn’t have to lift a finger to kill anyone, Trump stirs up hatred and incites violence among a certain type of brainwashed, perpetual victim through his stochastic terrorism.

While my friends are overjoyed that the Ukraine plot finally pushed Democratic support in the House for impeachment past the tipping point, I honestly don’t hold out too much hope that the Russia-loving, corporate-whoring Republicans in the Senate will turn against Trump hard enough to vote to toss him out. That would be wonderful, but I think most of the public is underestimating how compromised they all are. I believe many of them are either compromised by blackmail (what did Trump and Lindsey Graham discuss on that first golf outing that suddenly turned Graham from Trump critic to head of the Trump fan club?), or beholden to oligarch money like Mitch McConnell, who instead of voting for sanctions against notorious Putin crony Oleg Deripaska, helped him build an aluminum plant in Kentucky.

People keep comparing Trump to Nixon. Back in the 70s, Republicans were a lot more concerned about ethics. See, Citizens United made politics a wealth-creating enterprise for the GOP. They take unlimited amounts of money from untraceable sources now, so they are no longer concerned about ethics, the Constitution, or respecting democracy — as the rampant gerrymandering, voter suppression and the fact that they welcome foreign interference in elections shows.

Nor do I hold much hope that in 2020, we’ll be able to get Moscow Mitch out of the Senate and get President Liz in there to implement her progressive agenda to save us all.

McConnell’s buddy Deripaska who is, basically, a Russian mafioso, and the bff of the guy who manipulated the 2016 election, is making bank off businesses that compete with American companies, thanks to the money he gives Republican politicians

If the Senate stays under GOP control and Trump stays in office, we’re all screwed. Even his base. Especially his base. Red states have the most to lose by all the evil things Trump and the GOP are doing — weakening EPA regulations; stealing money from Pentagon projects to “build the wall”; giving tax cuts to the rich and exploding the deficit; dismantling Medicare and Social Security; repealing the ACA; destroying the public educational system; and those ridiculous tariffs that are pushing our economy into a recession and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs already.

The writing is on the wall:

  1. Trump and the GOP want to designate “antifa” a terrorist group. Antifa is basically a boogeyman for the right. There IS no organized “antifa” group; not like there are several organized alt-right/neo-Nazi groups. Even Trump’s FBI acknowledges white supremacist violence is our biggest terrorist threat.
  2. The government has been stripping citizenship rights from US Citizens.
  3. US citizens are being detained and threatened with deportation.
  4. Trump is trying to privatize nearly the entire government, including the post office.
  5. The economy is about to teeter right into freefall. And the next recession will be worse than the last.
  6. I don’t see people en masse rising up and demanding Trump’s ouster like they should..or replicating what Puerto Rico and Hong Kong just did.
  7. The EPA is stripping away protections on our air and water, selling us out to the fossil fuel industry, just as we are in dire need of weaning ourselves off fossil fuels because of climate change.
  8. Gun violence is totally out of control, and the Senate shows no signs of taking up the gun control legislation the Democrat-controlled House passed. It’s becoming hard to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by gun violence. When we’re at a point where an American citizen survives one mass shooting, only to die in a second mass shooting..this is simply UNTENABLE. Apparently, it’s even considered acceptable, and the media treats it as a joke, that someone in Houston pulled a gun on Popeye’s staff because they ran out of their popular chicken sandwich. 145 CEOs just sent a letter to the Senate demanding action on gun legislation. That’s how bad this is — even corporations that normally support the GOP to get tax breaks — are turning on the Republicans.
  9. Plans were leaked that show ICE is preparing for “urban warfare.” We should all be asking — WHY? Why would an agency paid by taxpayers, tasked with immigration enforcement, be planning to fight its own citizens? And why didn’t they want the public to know about this?
  10. Trump is hatching plans to put California’s homeless population in ‘government facilities.’ Do they expect people to go willingly? Who profits — the same companies making money from migrant detention?
  11. The Trump administration continues to snatch children away from their families. Sexual and physical abuse is rampant in the facilities that we taxpayers are fronting the money. Some children are being adopted out and will likely never see their parents again. Little toddlers are expected to defend themselves in immigration court. It’s SURREAL AND UNCONSCIONABLE that our government is engaging in human trafficking on OUR dime, and even MORE unconscionable that we DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.
  12. The Pentagon wants to start controlling the news; meanwhile Trump continues to threaten journalists. A tape was recently leaked where he blamed journalists for the impeachment inquiry and suggested the whistleblower should be executed. This is dangerous rhetoric. Trump’s language has already inspired enough acts of violence.
  13. Trump has purged the government of scientists and is even causing the UN to self-censor on climate change; even as we are now experiencing unprecedented weather disasters like Hurricane Dorian. The east coast got lucky; we could easily have ended up with the tragic devastation the Bahamas experienced. It’s only a matter of time before a U.S. city is leveled like parts of the Bahamas last month.
  14. Trump and his economic advisors seem to have no idea what they’re doing. These tariffs are costing US consumers a fortune. His chief advisor, Larry Kudlow, is nothing more than a TV pundit whose prognostications for CNBC were ALWAYS wrong. The guy appeared drunk on Fox News recently, FFS.
  15. The deficit continues to spiral out of control, even as Trump calls for more tax cuts.
  16. Trump and the GOP are actively attempting to dismantle the ACA, since they couldn’t do it in Congress, through the courts. Republican-appointed judges are helping them. Medical experts warn that repealing the ACA will toss MILLIONS off insurance and cause the ruination of our health care system. The slow erosion of the ACA has already caused the uninsured rate to rise for the first time since Obamacare was implemented. Nor does Trump or the GOP even care to replace it, as they said they would do. Instead, they’re focusing on “damage control.” Nice that they finally admit repealing the ACA will inflict MAJOR damage; however, cutting taxes for the rich takes precedence, obviously.
  17. The Supreme Court is now stacked towards the right, and Trump has appointed 150 federal judges to lifetime appointments, thanks to McConnell. Many of them are incompetent, anti-LGBTQ, partisan white supremacists. This is going to make our country an authoritarian racist hellscape for many years to come, unless we are somehow able to overthrow Trump, his entire regime, and nullify everything he ever did. Somehow, I can’t see that happening. Right now, the SCOTUS, which has a conservative majority thanks to Trump (with John Roberts as an unpredictable rare swing vote) is considering cases that would erode our Fourth Amendment rights and weaken Roe v. Wade.

You would think a significant number of Trump supporters would turn on him, as it becomes more and more clear that Trump is only in this to enrich himself and his family. He will golf us all into bankruptcy, and they still won’t admit their mistakes. He didn’t drain the swamp. He IS the swamp. But they refuse to see it.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo became famous for examining the mass psychology and group dynamics of human authority, violence and evil in his landmark 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo has also explored similar questions in his numerous books, most notably “The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.

According to Zimbardo, we are ALREADY in Nazi territory:

I wrote an article about the “love it or leave it” sentiment among the right. Besides getting angry about the fact that they have a lot of nerve calling liberals’ love of country into question simply because we can’t stand this corrupt, traitorous president, it’s forced me to ask: do I really love my country? I’m not sure, to be honest. Seems like I’ve been fighting my government since I was a teenager and “Ronnie Ray-gun”, as us punk rock youth called him at “Rock Against Reagan” shows, was elected. Kids these days romanticize the 80s, but trust me. It was very difficult being someone who believed in social justice watching the boomer generation betray their values and get caught up in the materialistic, fuck the government “it’s YOUR money”, anti-environmental, anti-LGBTQ, warmongering zeitgeist.

In 2000, I held out hope that we’d end up with the wonky climate-change-aware guy as president. No such luck. Instead, we got the guy whom “everybody wanted to have a beer with” stealing the election thanks to help from his brother in Florida, a record surplus turned into record deficits, thousands upon thousands dead due to 2 expensive unnecessary wars in the middle east, kowtowing to the fossil fuel industry and every agency denying climate change, and the worst recession since the Great Depression.

This may sound harsh, but IMO, our country stands out as being particularly sexist, racist, and bloodthirsty. As Americans, we’re raised to believe we have the “Greatest country in the world”, and it’s a crock of s**t. For the last 30 yrs we’ve been ruled by corporations and their politician whores. They make money by killing others and war (just look at how many billions in tax money go to the military), and our own population suffers (look at how few billions go to food stamps, infrastructure, or support for returning veterans). I for one am sick of it. Donald Trump is a symptom, not the problem. He’s a symbol of how toxic our country has become. Until we get Trump and his entire party out of office, we’ll be living in an authoritarian regime like other countries have suffered through — our democracy is eroding before our eyes, if it ever really existed.

Americans are also ignorant. Overall, we know very little about the rest of the world and are therefore easily brainwashed and manipulated through fear. Then there are those who know what’s happening but are too lazy or weak to rise up and do anything about it. Or too busy working several jobs, trying to make ends meet, while corporations bilk them for every dime, at every turn.

A significant percentage of our population thinks Pizzagate is real, yet defend Trump’s association with the REAL sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein; climate change is a hoax, even while experts keep narrowing the window of time in which we have to save the planet; and any attempt to enact meaningful gun control is considered an affront to their gun ownership “rights,” even at the expense of schoolchildren who have to be traumatized by regular “active shooter” drills” or by actually SEEING their classmates ripped apart in school shootings (what do the gun fetishists care, right? They made mocking and bullying the Parkland kids on social media a fun sport for the Fox News-brainwashed set.)

All Mueller time did was leave us with a giant hangover

We’ve all been relying too much on someone else to save us. First it was Mueller. Then when the damning revelations in his report didn’t force Trump out, or make the Republicans turn on Trump, the left put the burden all on Nancy Pelosi (of COURSE! It always falls on the woman to do all the work.)

All of the complaints about Pelosi not “impeaching” Trump betray the widespread lack of knowledge and misunderstanding among our citizens about how government works. I was surprised that even my liberal friends, whom I considered to be vastly more intelligent than the cabal who calls us “libtards”, seemed to think Pelosi could just wave a magic wand and make Trump go away, and were vein-popping angry that she refused to do so.

I don’t see our ignorance problem going away anytime soon, thanks to Betsy DaVoss taking a hammer to the public education system that decades of underfunding had already weakened.

Y’know what will elect Democrats in 2020, assuming there even IS an election? A recession. Because that’s the only thing most Americans seem to care about, sadly. They don’t care about the EPA becoming a front for big polluters. They don’t care about our parklands being sold off to mining and fossil fuel interests. They don’t care about babies being put in cages, or Hispanic kids being ripped from their families. What they care about is their own financial wellbeing, primarily. Yes, the rich politicians and their rich puppet masters are a huge problem, but..we can point fingers and blame politicians as much as we want, but ultimately, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel once said,“Few are guilty, but all are responsible.”

I, for one, am looking to get out. I’d really like to move to a country that isn’t living in fear of immigrants and people of color, and that actually understands socialism isn’t evil. I’d also love to move somewhere that recognizes health care as a basic right for all citizens, not just the wealthy. As a cancer survivor, my life is being increasingly imperiled by this kleptocracy.

I’d also absolutely LOVE to move to a country that has NO FOX NEWS.

After Pelosi announced the official impeachment proceedings were starting, Trump and the GOP raised $13 million.

There is something drastically wrong here.

Copyright 2019 S. Wade




Model/Actress/Producer/Writer and sexy cat lady

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Sandra Wade

Sandra Wade

Model/Actress/Producer/Writer and sexy cat lady

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