Mean People Suck

Divisive, angry politics didn’t start with Trump, but it sure has escalated, thanks to him.

Don’t know about you, but I’m REALLY tired of mean people.

You know who I’m referring to. They’re all over the news.

Like this guy:

And this woman:

And these people:

Hateful, perpetually aggrieved, victimization-obsessed, bigoted, xenophobic, racist, antisemitic, nasty, miserable, entitled people with anger management problems have been wreaking havoc for a while now.

Even worse, the politicians they support have been literally killing people with outright mean, sociopathic policies.

Like this guy:

And this guy:

Despite having the highest rates of COVID-19 infection and hospitalization in the country and quite possibly THE WORLD, these governors are doubling down on their mean policies. We know masks work. We know vaccines work. And fighting against the use of masks and the adoption of vaccines in their states is literally KILLING PEOPLE.

Here in my hometown of Philadelphia, our city is now just the second place to welcome thousands of refugees who were evacuated out of Afghanistan. I’ve been coordinating an effort to rally people in my community to donate home goods and furniture, and prompted a couple of business owners I know to provide housing and food donations. It’s heartwarming how many people want to help. But of course, the mean people have to raise objections.

“What about the homeless right here in this country? Let’s take care of them first.” That is hands down the most pervasive argument against bringing in refugees that I keep seeing on social media. This is the same tired bullshit they spewed a few years ago when Trump decreased the number of Syrian refugees the U.S. would allow.

Apparently even this photo that went viral of a Syrian child in an ambulance after yet another bombing by Assad and Putin didn’t move them.

how soon everyone forgot about this little waif

Never mind that in the richest country on the planet, we should be able to take care of our homeless AND refugees (though the Deplorables certainly make that a lot harder when they keep voting for Republicans who only seem to represent the wealthy and constantly cut social programs in favor of tax cuts for the rich).

It’s truly comical, the way the mean people try to cloak their xenophobic fear in concern for downtrodden Americans — people whom they’ve probably never once lifted a finger to help. Because let’s face it, mean people tend to only care about themselves.

The Trumpy mean people are descendants of the Reaganite mean people, who fought stem cell research til Ronnie Raygun got Alzheimers. Who wanted to starve the CDC right when the AIDS epidemic began, and let HIV ravage the gay community in major cities out of hatred and bigotry. Who fought against LGBTQ rights until their own family members came out as LGBTQ (hello Dick Cheney, looking at you). Who treat COVID-19 as a hoax, until one of them…oh wait. Never mind. Many of them won’t even accept that the virus exists, or is worse than the flu, even as they’re on ventilators, dying of it.

Anyway, we know what the mean people’s real fear of brown people is. It’s the same fear racists have had throughout time. Fear that they’ll be “replaced” (as articulated by the incels who marched in Charlottesville with Home Depot tiki torches, and Tucker Carlson’s screechy whining on Fox News about replacement theory). Fear that brown people might be better than them. Fear that if a brown person succeeds, they’ll lose out. The stupid reductionist, sterotypical misconception that all Muslim people are terrorists. Fear that they’ll “terk er jerbs.” etc.

As well as a desire to make sure they keep their white entitlement, because let’s face it — that’s really all a lot of them have going for them. They sure don’t have the types of personalities that draw others to them. Well, except for mean people who are just like them.

You’d think that heartwarming photos of grateful Afghans arriving at airports would move them. Look at this beautiful child, skipping in joy as she arrives safely in Belgium, away from the Taliban misogynists whom we handed her homeland over to.

If this doesn’t warm your heart, you don’t have one

It’s astounding, isn’t it, that these fucking mean people aren’t even moved to help children?

Well, are we really surprised?

These sociopaths didn’t care when children were mowed down at Sandy Hook, so why should they care now? After that tragedy, the mean people wouldn’t stop talking about their “2nd amendment rights.” Funny how the same people who said Democrats who tried to advocate for gun control after those children were killed were “politicizing tragedy” didn’t wait a DAY to call for Biden to resign after terrorists suicide-bombed the Kabul airport during the evacuation. Never mind that the military managed to get over 120k Americans and Afghanis out before the August 31st deadline, a herculean feat they should be lauded for, not used as political pawns.

These same people vilified the teenage survivors of the Parkland school shooting who called for more gun control.

These same people are projecting their Fox News-inflamed anger tornados at school board meetings, screaming and even hitting doctors and parents who are simply trying to protect their kids from ending up on a ventilator.

I’ll be honest. If I had a kid, I’d probably smack a bitch who tried to tell me my kid didn’t deserve to be protected in school.

Children are dying, thanks to sociopathic leaders in Florida, Texas, South Dakota, etc.

Now they’re whining about a few thousand Afghani refugees who will be resettled in the U.S. Never mind about “Give me your poor, your tired..” If they’re not white, Deplorables take a cue from Jewish Nazi Stephen Miller and call for sealing the borders.

the Statue of Liberty for Mean People

Never mind that many of these refugees who’ve been arriving the past few days helped our troops at great risk to their own lives and the lives of their families. I’ve seen several American vets of the war speak on newscasts about how their lives or the lives of their fellow soldiers were saved by these collaborators.

Of course, the Dunning-Kruger-affected Deplorables who consider themselves experts in everything, just like their cult leader who said “I know more than the Generals” but managed to botch the withdrawal from Afghanistan even before Biden took office, are absolutely clueless about the war and the sacrifices these people whom they want to refuse sanctuary made.

“Why don’t YOU let them sleep in YOUR house?” is another retort they’ve been making on social media. I’m not sure where the Deplorables get their stock robot phrases, but I have a few ideas…

I’ll tell you the truth. I’d bring an Afghani refugee into my house over a Deplorable, any day. Why the FUCK would I want a Trump supporting, Fox-News addicted, science-denying bully living with me? I disowned members of my own family for becoming Trump-worshipping zombies. Even the limited contact I had with them before I finally got fed up was exhausting. No thanks.

Mean people are not fun. Mean people make everyone around them stressed out. Mean people leave injury, death and destruction in their path. It’s sad what they’ve done to my country.

I refuse to believe that this is who we are. That THIS is “America.”

I like to believe that we defeated Trump in 2020 because we’re better than this. Now we just need to defeat Trump-ISM.

My biggest fear is that in 2022, we let the mean people win. Lord help us if their party takes back Congress. We’ll have at least 2 years of nothing but meanness, corruption and lying solidified into official policy. They are likely to try to impeach Biden and Harris over some made-up crime, then make Donald Trump Speaker of the House in order to put their King of Mean back in power. I truly don’t think our democracy could survive.

We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Otherwise, this WILL be who we are.

Copyright 2021 S. Wade



Actor, Fillmmaker, writer and sexy cat lady

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