Lost Innocence/Blood Money

Blood money, 2016. From opensecrets.org

I’m GenX. I had a relatively normal childhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We played in the street, until the streetlights came on. Our schools were totally open. Anyone could walk onto our campuses, and we didn’t worry about it. If someone had told us that in another 45 or so years, our kids and grandkids would have to worry that some nutcake might walk into their classes and commit mass murder, we would’ve thought they were insane.

I have friends and family members with children. I have friends who are teachers or who work in public schools. I feel terrible that my friends’ kids, my families’ kids, are growing up having to live like this. It’s really unfair. Clear backpacks. Security forces patrolling their schools. Active shooter drills. I can’t imagine how traumatic just having to every day walk into what must feel like a potential war zone, knowing you might not walk out, just to get a basic education, must feel for them. No ability to just live the carefree existence I enjoyed as a child.

And we adults do…what? nothing. We complain on social media. Some of us march. Some of us write angry rants. Some of us contact our congresspeople. BUT STILL NOTHING CHANGES. If I had a child, I’d move to the UK. Australia. Japan. Canada. ANYWHERE ELSE. Somewhere that doesn’t suffer from sociopathic politicians who do the bidding of the crooked NRA. To keep my kid safe.

And here’s something that’s really bothering me, speaking of the NRA: WHY DOES THE NRA EVEN STILL EXIST? Shouldn’t their leaders be in jail now for taking Russian money and laundering it and giving it to the GOP? Wasn’t NY AG Letitia James investigating them for fraud and corruption, and trying to shut them down?

Furthermore, why is the GOP allowed to obstruct and hold up any fucking attempt Democrats make to change our gun laws? Are there really no carrots and stick Majority Leader Schumer can use, like Mitch McConnell always uses with his caucus? I’d like to go a step further. I think we should eliminate the GOP entirely. They should no longer be considered a legitimate political party, not after so many Republicans conspired with Trump to overthrow the 2020 election, as the January 6th congressional committee is learning.

From the NYTimes. J6 Committee hearings begin June 9, 2022. Maybe we’ll finally see some fucking accountability?

Many of these insurrectionist congresspeople take vast sums of NRA money.

This is no coincidence.

Russia → NRA → Republicans → INSURRECTION

I know how we can fix our gun laws. INDICT THE INSURRECTIONISTS.

Instead, we are forced to watch them on the news, hemming and hawing and sputtering their NRA talking points, blathering about “thoughts and prayers” and “oh the Dems shouldn’t politicize the killing of children” and “there’s nothing we can do” and “gun laws don’t prevent this” and “it’s all about mental illness”, and my personal favorite: “we need to give more money to the police.” There WERE police officers at Robb Elementary School. There WAS a Security Guard at Topps. They were outgunned. The Buffalo shooter had on bulletproof kevlar. The brave security officer on duty tried but failed to stop him because of that.

From “How Much Does the NRA Spend on Lobbying? Gun Group Had Record Year in 2017”-Newsweek, 2018

Why do we have to go through the mass shooting Groundhog Day circus again and again and again and again? Why do we allow insurrectionists paid off by Russian/NRA money to hijack our politics and compromise our safety, wellbeing, and everything our Constitution says we are entitled to?

Sometimes the weight of how far our country is sliding into an unliveable hellscape make my Medium articles feel like shouting into the void. This is one of those times.

Copyright 2022 S. Wade



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