It’s Time to Stand Up for Trans People

Sandra Wade
7 min readApr 29

Have you noticed that Republicans always need someone to hate? Someone to pass discriminatory and restrictive policies against? What was the first thing Trump did when he came into office in 2017? A Muslim travel ban. Remember the chaos it caused when American Muslims were prevented from even entering the country, and hundreds of lawyers rushed to airports all over the country to help them, pro bono? The after-effects still linger…

During the 2018 midterms, GOP hatemongers sicc’d their Fox News brainwashed base on immigrants. Campaign commercials incited fear over “migrant caravans” that allegedly were speeding into the U.S. to commit home invasions of white suburban families all over the country. Fox and other right wing propaganda outlets showcased random acts of crime committed by immigrants as if it was an epidemic.

You’d think that the failure of Trump to continue his discriminatory policies towards Muslims in the courts in 2017 and voters handing Congress over to Democrats in 2018, as well as the predicted “red wave” failing to materialize in 2022, would teach Republicans that a majority of American voters are NOT down with racism, hatred and bigotry.

Yeah, right. Welcome to 2023, which is becoming “the year of the trans bans.”

Trans people are under unprecedented attack by the GOP in the states and also in the House, which voted to pass a ban on trans athletes even though there’s no way it would pass the Dem-controlled Senate (Republicans always telegraph what they would do if they were IN power, when they’re out of power).

Although the GOP failed to put out a policy agenda for the first time since I’ve been alive in 2020, they’ve telegraphed at CPAC and other venues their true agenda. Disgusting neo-Nazi piece of shit Michael Knowles said “transgenderism should be eradicated,” and Republicans in red state said “challenge accepted.”

The hatred, bigotry, and just plain anti-science stupidity emerging out of red state legislatures right now is a boiling-over volcano of vile, anti-American, unconstitutional diarrhea that needs to be nipped in the bud.

Sandra Wade

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