Has MAGA Cruelty Jumped the Shark?

Sandra Wade
5 min readApr 27, 2024

Whew. At least we know shooting puppies is off limits.

all the dog lovers are coming out

Here are some things we know about MAGA, given their continued worship of Donald Trump:

Grabbing women by the p — — is fine.

Having sex with a porn star while your wife is tending to your 4 month old baby is A-Ok. Paying that porn star off for her silence is also perfectly fine.

Separating kids from their families and adopting them out to strangers? Not a problem (especially since the kids aren’t white.)

Storming the Capitol, smearing shit on the walls, beating cops with flagpoles, etc., with the intention to kill the Vice President and nullify an election? No problemo.

Women forced to miscarry in emergency room restrooms is A-OK.

10-year-old girls forced to give birth to their rapist’s baby? Not a concern.

In fact, the MAGA cult has sanctioned or tacitly approved so many dangerous, harmful policies and behaviors that many writers and pundits have made a compelling argument that “The Cruelty Is the Point”:



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