Future’s. Made Of. Virtual Insanity

Sandra Wade
6 min readJul 10
Underground home in Italy, from Wikipedia

Who’d have guessed that a one hit wonder band from the 90s were prophets?

I saw an article this morning about how China opened up bomb shelters for people to escape the horrible heat wave they’re experiencing. The first thing that came to mind was a lyric from the band Jamiroquai’s endlessly catchy hit of 1996, “Virtual Insanity”: “And now there is no sound. For we all live underground.”

Anyone who watched MTV back then surely remembers the video. The giant hat? The room that rotated while lead singer Jason Kay stayed still?

Jason Kay, Doom Prophet of the 90s

I went back and watched the video on YouTube, and the entire song pretty much proves these guys foresaw the future, aka what “we’re livin’ in” nearly 20 years later. Let’s look at the lyrics:

Ooh, hey-hey, aw
What we’re livin’ in?
Let me tell ya

I wake up every day thinking the same thing. America’s crazy divisive politics..our rights being stripped away one by one by a rogue Supreme Court..a runaway climate crisis without much being done..ack.

And it’s a wonder men can eat at all
When things are big that should be small

I interpreted this as we’re consuming way too much. We’re wasting food. Soon we’ll pay the price. Experts predict the warming of the planet will make it harder to grow food. We’re already in a starvation crisis, but most well-off westerners don’t see it.

Who can tell what magic spells we’ll be doin’ for us?

He’s speculating about the rise of superstition and anti-science beliefs. When people turn to crystals instead of medicine; fight vaccines that have kept so many diseases at bay for so long; belief in nonsense like “Jewish space lasers”..people turn to “magic spells” when times are hard, but all they bring is ignorance, pain and death.

And I’m givin’ all my love to this world
Only to be told
I can’t see, I can’t breathe
No more will we be

I think he’s referring to the Sixth Mass Extinction. He loves the planet and everything on it. But he can’t stop what humanity is doing to destroy it. And in the end…

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