Florida Is Getting Crazier

Sandra Wade
6 min readMay 13
Florida teachers protesting DeSantis’ harmful education policies. Photo from People’s World

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis continues to be a blatantly obvious Orwellian nightmare, as he works at a fast pace with his sycophantic Republican-controlled legislature to pass fascist bills that ironically always seem to have the name “freedom” in them. The latest is the “Medical Freedom Act”, which he just signed to great fanfare.

If I were him, I wouldn’t be so celebratory about passing yet another law that BANS SHIT. And what he’s banning now is the right of businesses to make their own vaccine and mask mandates. It’s just a set up for Florida to become a total disaster zone in the next pandemic.

Not only that, it allows insurers and doctors to reject patients BASED ON THEIR RELIGIOUS VIEWS. This represents yet another stab in the back to LGBTQ people, because you can bet that’s exactly who this disgusting law was aimed at.

DeSantis’ attacks on the LGBTQ community seem to mirror Hungary’s authoritarian dictator, Viktor Orban, and it’s not surprising that DeSantis has hosted Orban in the governor’s mansion.

Sure seems like Florida is ready to join Hungary off the cliff into duplicating 1930’s Germany:

Speaking of Germany in the 1930s: books about the Holocaust are getting the ax in Florida’s educational system. The push to make Floridians less educated and ruin the public school system continues. Apparently, learning about the Holocaust is too “woke.” (Makes me a bit worried what they have planned for Jews in the state. Already, DeSantis does absolutely nothing about Nazis marching in…

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