Dear Asshole Who Abandoned Your Cat

I found out about you today because as I was perusing my neighborhood’s community Facebook page, trying to adopt out yet ANOTHER stray cat I found wandering my street, I came across the Facebook post above.

So you sold your house and moved on? Well, I wish I could say congratulations, but I’m not feeling it. Instead I’m wondering what kind of soulless piece of shit would move away and LEAVE THEIR CAT BEHIND.

Sadly, this happens a lot. I am just wondering what all you assholes are THINKING?

Your former cat is probably very confused. Upset. Distraught. Depressed. Because..yes, cats can feel emotions, you know. I’m sure you’d rather not face it, but you have probably emotionally devastated and traumatized this poor animal by ripping it apart from the home and family it knew and (undeserved on your part) loved.

Now your neighbor, who seems to be a very sweet woman, has to go through the gut-wrenching pain of hearing your cat crying and mewing in distress right outside her window every night. You see, she’s been kind enough to feed the poor guy, since you didn’t give a fuck whether he starved to death or not.

Newsflash, you heartless bonehead — CATS ARE NOT WILD ANIMALS. They’re not equipped to just be left to run around outside and fend for themselves. Unless they’re feral. And your loving little boy could quickly become feral, if no one takes him home. And that is NOT a good life for a cat. It’s a short one, though — you should be aware. You just drastically shortened the life of the cat you once made a promise and pact to care for by adopting.

Your neighbor would take your abandoned cat in but, she’s already done her part and rescued a stray cat that has anxiety issues. Nor should she be expected to clean up after your act of total abject cruelty, but she’s kind enough that she’d happily take poor Matthew (you gave the cat a NAME, and STILL YOU LEFT IT) in, if only she could.

Now she has to spend her valuable time trying to find poor Matthew a home. She posted that ad in an act of desperation to save his life. I know the angst she’s feeling. I’ve rescued 2 strays myself and was lucky enough to have friends willing to take them on. So of course, I am doing my best to help her out.

Those of us who had to read about your disgusting malfeasance are left simultaneously feeling sorry for the cat, wanting to help your neighbor adopt him out, and wanting to hunt you down and give you the smackdown you deserve.

What really kills me is that your cat looks a lot like my boy Whiskey. Whiskey is no longer with us — he got nasal cancer and suffered a slow, horrible death for 2 months until it got so bad that I had to call a vet to come and put him to sleep in my arms. It was the most devastating day of my life, and I’ve been through some shit.

My sweet boy, Whiskey. I still miss him so much.

Whiskey also had diabetes. So not only did I have to give him insulin regularly, and test his blood sugar, and put him on a special diet..once he started showing symptoms of cancer, I was running back and forth to the vet constantly. Every other night there would be a horrible nosebleed where I would have to lock us both up in the bathroom so he wouldn’t bleed all over my apartment carpet and cost me my security deposit. Whiskey would writhe around in my arms, just wanting to leave the room and get back to the leisurely life he had before, chilling and cuddling with me and eating his treats.

You can’t imagine the horror of holding your baby you love so much, soothing him as much as you can, while holding a towel under his nose as the blood just rains down, making your bathroom look like a scene from a horror movie. Not to mention, the anxiety of wondering if THIS nosebleed will be the last..what if I can’t stop it? What if he bleeds to death?

I dreaded the prospect of having to rush him to the vet and have him die in some cold, unfamiliar vet clinic.

Aren’t you lucky, you ditched your cat before you ever had to go through anything remotely similar to what I went through. I watched my cat’s nasal tumor grow from imperceptible to a giant monster taking over half of his head. And there was absolutely FUCKING NOTHING I could do.

Oh, I could have spent a fortune putting him through radiation treatments, but that probably would have only bought him a few weeks where he would’ve suffered side effects like burning and parts of his skin falling off. I couldn’t put him through that. As it was, I spent about $2000 on diagnosing his problems and ameliorating his symptoms. But you know what? I would absolutely do it again. In a heartbeat. That’s what you do when you make a commitment to care for something.

So I did the best I could to make his life as happy as possible in the short time he had left. And just tried to be as perceptive as possible about when it would be time to put him out of his misery. People who had lost their pets before told me, “You’ll know when it’s time.”

Indeed, that sad day came. Whiskey was under the bed hiding in pain and fear the night before. I remember lying on the bed wanting the vet to come as quickly as possible to end his suffering, but wanting the vet to never come because I didn’t want to have to say goodbye.

I begged the vet to please not let me see him once he was gone. I knew I couldn’t handle it. He was very kind and caring. When he injected Whiskey with the medication to stop his heart, he told me, “Ok, it’s done”, and I had to leave the room, run into my bedroom, close the door, and break down on the bed. And I dealt with all of that, alone.

Let me tell you something, you sorry worthless trash of a human — despite my cat being deathly ill, I would NEVER HAVE ABANDONED HIM. PETS ARE OUR FAMILY.

You ditched your fucking family by the side of the road and left it to more caring people to try to make sure your family member doesn’t starve and die.

The best I can hope is that one of the many many kind people, including myself, who are desperately trying to find a home for Matthew before a dog attacks him..or a car runs him over, or he eats something poisonous that kills him..or some other horrible fate that befalls any number of strays on a daily basis..takes his sweet life.

Whomever gets him will deserve him far far more than you ever did.

You fucking suck. Do us all a favor — don’t ever adopt another pet again.

Copyright 2018 Sandra Wade

If anyone in Philadelphia would like to give this poor boy a home, please post in the comments. I would take him but I, too, have an anxious cat that I rescued who needs to be the only cat in my household. At least for now.

Also, if you’re moving and can’t take your pet, please go this website to try to find it a new home.




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