Cynical GOP Sociopaths

It’s the GUNS, stupid

The GOP has become the party of phonies, corporate whores, powermongers, and sociopaths. To be honest, I’ve always felt this was the case ever since Reagan. My entire life, I’ve watched Republicans since Nixon commit tons of crimes and get away with them. This is why I have my doubts that anyone in Congress who plotted with Trump — and even Trump himself — to steal the 2020 election will ever be charged for conspiracy or treason.

Nor do I have any hope that any of them are negotiating in good faith when it comes to sensible gun control after the Buffalo white supremacist shooting, or the Uvalde school shooting (or the mass shootings that followed those just in the last week. Seems we get one a day now, if you include the gun violence in the streets in any major city of the country — the ones that don’t seem to merit national coverage anymore, because it’s mostly nonwhite people dying.)

Just look at the excuses, outright INSANE “solutions”, and blame-deflecting Republicans have engaged in, many of them right in front of the gun manufacturers who OWN them at the NRA convention last weekend. And by the way, how crass, uncaring and disgusting was it for the NRA to go through with hosting their gun worship fest celebrating blood money, just a few hundred miles from where 19 little children were slaughtered?

After every. damn. mass. shooting, we get the SAME bullshit NRA talking points from the likes of Ted Cruz.

Cruz should know better, right? He went to Harvard. Even people who loathe Ted Cruz, like former Senator Al Franken, admit he’s not a dumb guy. Yet he continues to parrot the most inane slogans, every time there’s a mass shooting. Like, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

There is plenty of evidence to refute this ridiculous argument, that in my opinion was crafted by some greedy NRA strategist to sell more guns. Lots of things can stop a bad guy with a gun. Red flag laws. Closing the Charleston loophole. Raising the age at which one can buy a gun.

And I’m sure the assault weapon ban of 1994 stopped a lot of bad guys with guns until George W. Bush, my least favorite president after Trump, let it expire in 2004. We know this because we can look at statistics. There was a huge jump in mass shootings committed with what appears to be the weapon of choice — the AR-15 — after 2004.

“LET’S ARM TEACHERS” is another one Cruz and many others keep urging. Once again, what does arming teachers do? Sell more guns. Never mind that probably 99 percent of teachers DON’T WANT TO BE ARMED. Just a month or so ago, Tucker Carlson was accusing public school teachers of being pedophiles who groom children. Republicans distrust teachers so much that in states like Virginia, they’re setting up tip lines where kids can rat on their teachers for teaching them about slavery, or how it’s cool for their friend Billy to have two dads. How Soviet of them. Yet they suddenly trust teachers to wield guns?

It’s looking more and more like cops in Uvalde, in an uncomprehensible dereliction of duty, failed to act when they should have, out of fear that their officers would be killed. The Justice Department is now investigating their response, or lack of response. If cops are too afraid to confront mass shooters, how can we expect TEACHERS to?

They also want to “harden schools.” Seems like Robb Elementary was as “hardened” as it gets. Another ridiculous non-solution these geniuses came up with — building schools that have only ONE entrance. And of course, that ONE entrance has to be staffed with arm guards, equipped with metal detectors, etc. Yes, I’m sure waking up every weekday to go to a prison like environment is super wonderful for our kids’ abilty to learn, as well as their mental health, I’m sure. The same mental health they like to blame for these shootings. And one entrance is a brilliant idea when it comes to disasters like fire, or earthquakes.

They never explain where the money is going to come from to train these teachers and turn schools into Alcatraz-like fortresses. This is the party that never saw an education budget cut it didn’t like. We could ask the same question when they blame “mental health issues” for mass shootings. Greg Abbott cut billions from the Texas budget for mental health resources. That’s pretty typical. Red state governors have plenty of money to cut taxes, but never enough for state services. This is why blue states have subsidized red states for decades.

And to make matters worse, now all the nutcake baby Trumps are chiming in with the most absurd, belief-defying conspiracy theories. The shooter in Uvalde was antifa. Democrats planned it to make the gun lobby look bad. That scumball Alex Jones, who is exploring bankruptcy even as we speak to avoid paying the huge settlement the Sandy Hook parents were awarded as punishment for portraying them as “crisis actors”, is trying the same disgusting schtick with Uvalde. It was a false flag.

Russian bots on Twitter are, like Tucker Carlson, “just asking questions” to bolster misinformation. “Why aren’t any survivors coming out?” I’ve seen them ask (newsflash: they have.) “This smells fishy” etc etc. All to deflect blame from the gun lobby and their congressional whores.

All we need to refute the bullshit coming from Republicans about gun control is evidence. Academic studies. Real-life examples from other countries. There is plenty of it. Enough that guys who went to Ivy league schools should be able to process and evaluate.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who cheered on this Sky News reporter who confronted Ted Cruz with the question, “Why do these mass shootings only happen in America (sic)?” Ted refused to answer the question, instead acting SO disgusted that someone would DARE question whether America was the best country in the world. Brings to mind the quote by Samuel Johnson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” When the reporter continued to press him, Cruz scurried off.

See, Ted Cruz knows what he’s saying is bullshit. HE KNOWS. Think about that. These Ivy league elites in Congress are smart enough to know that they’re gaslighting everyone. They know American citizens are dying because of it. They refuse to act, and instead spew NRA gobbledygook at us. I can only conclude that they are complete and utter sociopaths, willing to sacrifice our safety and lives — EVEN THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN — on the altar of profits and power. Which makes them fundamentally unfit for office. Let’s get them out.

Copyright S. Wade 2022

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