As Covid Makes a Comeback, the Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Maskers Are Back, Too

Sandra Wade
3 min readSep 1, 2023
Needs no explanation

Covid is on the rise again. I now know at least 3 people who’ve gotten very sick with it in the last week and had to get a test myself after possible exposure (negative, thank goodness. Thus cementing my record of never having gotten covid once since the pandemic started.)

As covid infections ramp back up again, so too does the anti-masking, anti-lockdown, anti-vax, anti-science whining on the right.

Just like the dead people in Sixth Sense who don’t know they’re dead, most Trump supporters don’t seem to know how stupid they sound.

Funny how they never explain why, if masks don’t work, surgeons aren’t dropping dead en masse from communicable diseases they got during the course of their jobs?

Too bad they only get their news from Fox/Newsmax/OAN/ any number of Charles Koch-funded podcasters — all that encourage their stupidity. Why right-wing media wants to see the Republican base suffer and die is uncertain. My theory is the billionaires who fund the GOP don’t want to end up getting eaten as food supplies dwindle due to climate change’s effects. I think they’re pretty scared of us. So they don’t care if Trump’s cult zombies buy the farm from covid.

If Trump supporters would only read reported FACTS, they’d learn that a majority of those currently hospitalized with covid are un-vaccinated or under-vaccinated.

This is simply an IRREFUTABLE FACT, backed up by tons of data from all over the country, and it’s been the case ever since vaccinations became available

I can’t think of anything more embarrassing or shameful than DYING because you believed the pathological liars at OAN, Newsmax or Fox. Dying for your country? Admirable. Dying for Ivermectin profits, or to benefit DeSantis’ donors, or to make sure the Koch family can survive without worrying about the plebians turning on them during the climate apocalpyse they caused? Simply pathetic.



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