America Is Stuck in a Brutal Death Cult Spiral of Doom

Sandra Wade
6 min readMay 7
Photo from the Daily Beast. Each victim is someone’s mom/dad/sister/brother/child

As I write this, the U.S. just experienced its 191th mass shooting in a state where mass shootings are up 62.5 percent since the Republican-controlled government passed a “permitless carry” law. 9 people were murdered in a mall outside of Dallas in a state that, instead of banning the gun that is most likely to be used in school shootings is reacting to these shootings by 1) making it easier for parents to identify their kids who are ripped apart by these weapons using DNA, and 2) funding battle stations in schools to teach third graders how to apply tourniquets.

I know, you think this can’t be real, right? It’s gotta be an SNL skit. Well, SNL is on hiatus because of the writer’s strike, and I didn’t make this shit up. It’s too ghoulish to even have been born from THIS writer’s imagination. I literally screamed when I read about it. And I have no kids, nor do I live in Texas, but my empathetic horror went off the fucking charts to the extent that I almost puked.

This morning, I saw a lot of distressed Texans on Twitter lamenting their lack of representation and fretting over whether they should move to a “blue state.” This is the frustration citizens feel when their government has been hijacked by an extremist minority.

They can’t even sue Texas governor Greg Abbott over being put in extreme danger by Republican laws, because Congress passed a federal immunity law for gun sellers and manufacturers during the Bush administration.

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