A Message to “White Nationalists”

America is for the SUPERIOR race only! Like…um…like THIS GUY! Yeah, that’s the ticket. He’s superior, y’all. I swear.
The “Extremist file” for Chris Cantwell, a fine young lad fighting for his heritage! (btw, he is in jail now, charged with several felonies related to the Charlottesville rally)
Look at all these VIOLENT “alt left” protesters at a vigil in Charlottesville, singing “We Shall Overcome!” SOOO SCARY
Maybe he meant “heel” as in, we’ll submit to the heel of his boot. Or we should all buy Ivanka Trump heels.
I have no clever quip for this very disturbing screenshot. It makes me nauseous.
U scared, bro? Too bad. Go fuck yourself.
An all-white America means being forced to listen to nothing but THIS SHIT.
Another fine example of the “master” race — i.e., another ignorant, antisocial, mentally ill, entitled, disaffected loser with anger management issues
  1. The alt right started the violence in Charlottesville. STOP LYING ABOUT THIS. Everyone who’s publicly spoken out or written about their experience BECAUSE THEY WERE THERE blames the neo-Nazis for the violence. I mean..just look at this photo, taken by a friend of mine who was there. You guys were armed to the teeth in camo gear. This wasn’t just some Call of Duty cosplay shit.
We’re just here for a nice, peaceful protest! Singing Kumbaya and all that, with these GIANT GUNS..
We see through you
Maybe Soros is funding the NASA sex ring on Mars
This isn’t a Nazi salute! They’re doing the Macarena!




Model/Actress/Producer/Writer and sexy cat lady

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Sandra Wade

Sandra Wade

Model/Actress/Producer/Writer and sexy cat lady

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