A Deplorable “Town Hall”

Sandra Wade
3 min readMay 11

I refused to watch CNN’s little commercial/mini-rally for Trump last night. In fact, I’m never watching CNN again. That’s how angry I am that their new owners are Trumpers wanting to subject us to 2016 all over again. Not as angry as Officer Fanone, though, who was seriously injured by violent insurrectionists on January 6th and is currently a CNN analyst. He is understandably LIVID:

Joe Scarborough described the show as “..as chilling as anything I’ve seen on television since January 6th.”

It’d be one thing if they didn’t stack the deck by only inviting Republican or Republican-leaning voters; or if it wasn’t mediated by Kaitlin Collins, who worked for Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Apparently, she (mostly) let him spew lies unchallenged. And of course, the few times she did challenge him, he resorted to insults in return.

He called her a “nasty person” (reviving that “nasty woman” insult he leveled at Hillary Clinton in 2016) when she called him out on the classified documents case, and the fact that his own judges and staff disproved his claims of winning the 2020 election over and over again.

The whole thing is just dismal, sickening, and grotesque. I’m not sure which was worse — CNN giving Trump this forum in the first place; Trump’s broken record performance of spewing lies about the 2020 election, Democrats’ stance on abortion, the E. Jean Carroll case, and pretty much everything; or the crowd’s reaction to his lies.

Apparently, the audience mostly chuckled at his CONTINUING defamation of E. Jean Carroll (I really hope her lawyer is already filing papers to sue him AGAIN) and joking about sexual assault. They cheered when he vowed to pardon the insurrectionists from January 6th. They nodded in agreement when he raved about how beautiful January 6th was, and how it was the biggest crowd he’d ever addressed, etc. In my opinion, anyone who cheers this man is just as vile as he is.

Sandra Wade

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